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J. Kelty 
Thank you so very much for helping us with Gene’s and my headstone. He and I had everything else in place but that, and I so regretted that we hadn’t gotten around to deciding on the headstone. I couldn’t yet think straight and I wouldn’t have known where to begin in choosing a design for the headstone, so your suggestions were an immense blessing. Also, our sons and I truly appreciated your knowledge and the time you took to explain to us the pros and cons of every facet needed to complete the finished product.

Especially did I appreciate your kindness and extreme patience in sending me pictures of how the stone would look and letting me make changes several times. Your compassion and thoughtfulness made all the difference for me, making a tough job much easier. The headstone is really beautiful and is just what we wanted. Our whole family is very happy with it.

Please thank the young woman who did the computer work, creating the pictures and making all the changes on them, and tell her how very much I appreciate her work.

Many, many thanks again. My God bless you and may he return your kindness to you a hundredfold. 
L. Hall 
Just a few days after my husband died I had a number of places contacting me about buying a memorial. Even the cemetery was pressuring me to make a decision. It really concerned me because everyone was telling me how cheap they were. When I got to looking into it several of these places had only been in business for just a few short years or had just recently started handling memorials.

As I drove around the cemetery looking at monuments there were several that really caught my eye. When I asked, I found that the majority of them had been designed and placed by Muldoon Memorial Company. I had heard of Muldoon’s from several of my friends and how they were an old established company that had been around since 1854. I knew you didn’t stay in business that long unless you were doing something right so I thought I would contact them.

I met with staff at Muldoon. They walked me through the process of selecting a memorial. They made the selection process easy and meaningful. They offered me price options so I could choose something I was comfortable with. They didn’t pressure me into a decision but helped me make one. I finally understood what they meant when they said there is a difference between a “tombstone” and a Memorial. I am so relieved I met with the staff at Muldoon Memorial Company and would encourage other people to do the same. 
M. Johnson 
Several years ago when my father passed away the person at the cemetery told me the only place they would recommend was Muldoon’s. Sure enough when I met with Muldoon I was very pleased and had them do the memorial for me.

Just recently when my husband passed the same person at the cemetery was all of a sudden telling me how they could do the monument for me and telling me how cheap they were. They even tried to scare me by telling me the monument wouldn’t be guaranteed if I didn’t buy it from them. It didn’t take me long to figure out they were more interested in the money going into their pocket than they were in helping me.

I went back to Muldoon’s and I am glad I did. Working at a cemetery doesn’t make you a memorialist just like working at a hospital doesn’t make you a doctor. There is no substitute for the experienced help you’ll receive at Muldoon Memorial Company. 
T. Collins 
After my wife passed away I had received information from several monument places. I decided to visit a few of these places to start getting some ideas. After a few stops I started to notice a pattern. They all told the same story as to the places they used to work, who taught them the business and how they were as good as Muldoon’s only cheaper. I decided to go to Muldoon’s to find out just what they were all talking about. While it was true that Muldoon’s did have some things more expensive they also offered me options that were equal to and in some cases less than the other places. Not only that but I also liked the ideas at Muldoon’s better than anywhere else I had been. I am glad I met with the folks at Muldoon Memorial Company. 
D. Hunter 
Thank you for the creative work you put into the Hunter Memorial. It is beautiful!! 
P. Weisskopf 
Thank you so much for a beautiful job on Bernie’s headstone. It has been a much more positive experience than I could have imagined. You had everything to do with that. 
S. Fahringer 
I just wanted to take a moment to once again express how greatly pleased I am with the beautiful Fahringer monument. I have taken a few of my friends, who have seen the wonderful pictures you sent to me, and they are in total awe of what a magnificent tribute this truly is. One friend said “The pictures are great, but seeing the real thing is overwhelming”. Your kindness and understanding to the girls and me, when thing were so devastating to us, was exceptional. I know in my heart that Jim can see this monument from heaven and is smiling down on you! Thanks again for everything. 
I want to thank you for the work that you have done with my uncle, Thomas Graham Sr., to complete the design, ordering and installation of the headstone for our loved ones, Charles & Mary Graham. I further thank you for meeting the goal of having it installed by Memorial Day.

V. Walters 
Thank you for your assistance during our time of need. We appreciate your patience in working with us and your wonderful suggestions. My mother and I went to see the finished memorial and we both were very pleased. Again, thank you for your assistance.
Also, I have had several people ask about the memorial and request your name. When you have a chance, please send a few of your cards to us so that we may pass on your excellent work. 
E. Brooks 
I was very pleased when I saw the memorial today at Cave Hill. I especially appreciated your suggestions when I was deciding on it. It expresses my sentiments and our life together for 57 happy years. 
C. Rising 
I want you to know how much everyone concerned with the disinterment of President Taylor appreciates the expert professionalism of you and your staff that momentous day of June 17. The careful handling of the marble lid could only have been done by people of great experience and consideration. We can now agree with Ben Underwood that you are indeed THE BEST. 
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