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Most Commonly Asked Questions 
What does a monument cost?  The price of a memorial is determined by the style, size, finish, and most importantly, the material used. 
How long does it take to get a memorial?  Delivery will be determined by a number of factors. We strive to deliver every memorial within a reasonable amount of time. Every effort will be made to deliver the memorial you select on time. 
How do I pay for a memorial?  Every family has a different situation they are dealing with. We will make every effort to arrange a payment term to suit your needs. 
Do I have to buy my memorial from the cemetery?  No, regardless of the cemetery a family can purchase their memorial anywhere they like. 
The cemetery said the memorial wouldn't be guaranteed if I didn't buy it from them. Is that true?  No, unfortunately some cemeteries use this as a "scare tactic". Should your memorial be damaged by cemetery personnel while performing maintenance, they are responsible. Damage caused by outside sources is usually covered by the person who caused the damage or by your home owners insurance. 
Does the cemetery still benefit if I purchase my memorial from you?  Yes. The cemetery's care is mostly funded by the perpetual care included in the cost of the spaces you purchased. This is required by law. Each time we place a memorial in the cemetery we help to generate funds from foundation fees charged by the cemetery. In some cases the cemetery conducts guided tours for a reasonable fee which also generates income for the cemetery. Many of the memorials visited on these tours were designed and constructed by the talented staff at Muldoon Memorials. A well designed memorial often helps to create an atmosphere in a particular cemetery. This atmosphere which helps families feel comfortable, often results in a family selecting property in that cemetery once again creating revenue. 
How do I get started?  Contact our office. We will take it from there by preparing an information packet tailored to meet your specific needs. We are familiar with the rules and regulations of all the local cemeteries, making our suggestions to you very helpful.

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